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[RQ] Shortcut searchstring menu

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Joined: 08 Dec 2007
Posts: 17

PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:20 am    Post subject: [RQ] Shortcut searchstring menu Reply with quote

I would like to have a Shortcut menu to a defined text in a document.

Example, lets say you are playing Final Fantasy VII and are using an FAQ from Gamefaqs. All these Faqs have a Table of Contents with chapers that you find by using CTRL+F (find) and then then the number beside the chapername to Jump to the right section in the document without scrolling and searching.
Example faq: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/file/197341/33519

I would like to add my favorite search strings to a menu or a hotkey so I can easily jump to my favorite section in a text file.

The search string info for every text file could be maybe be stored in a .ini file so it remembers the shortcuts for every separate .txt file.

It would be better if all this info could be stored as a drop down menu so you can see all the different search string names that you have added. (like the CTRL+D function in totalcommander) something like this:

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Site Admin

Joined: 06 Jul 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 08, 2008 12:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

1. Scripts plugin - required version 2.7 or higher:

a. Create new script {AkelPad}\AkelFiles\Plugs\Scripts\SearchArg.js with next contents:
/// Search argument text

var AkelPad = new ActiveXObject("AkelPad.document");

var FR_DOWN       =0x00000001  //Find down
var FR_MATCHCASE  =0x00000004  //Search is case-sensitive
var FR_UP         =0x00100000  //Find up
var FR_BEGINNING  =0x00200000  //Search from beginning (usage: FR_DOWN|FR_BEGINNING)
var FR_SELECTION  =0x00400000  //Search in selection (usage: FR_DOWN|FR_SELECTION)
var FR_ESCAPESEQ  =0x00800000  //Search with escape sequences
var FR_ALLFILES   =0x01000000  //Search in all openned MDI documents (usage: FR_DOWN|FR_BEGINNING|FR_ALLFILES)

var hMainWnd=AkelPad.GetMainWnd();
var hEditWnd=AkelPad.GetEditWnd();
var oFunction=AkelPad.SystemFunction();
var pScriptName=WScript.ScriptName;

if (AkelPad.TextFind(hEditWnd, WScript.Arguments(0), FR_DOWN) == -1)
  if (AkelPad.TextFind(hEditWnd, WScript.Arguments(0), FR_DOWN|FR_BEGINNING) == -1)
    AkelPad.MessageBox(hMainWnd, GetLangString(0), pScriptName, 48 /*MB_ICONEXCLAMATION*/);

function GetLangString(nStringID)
  var nLangID;

  nLangID=nLangID & 0x3ff; //PRIMARYLANGID

  if (nLangID == 0x19) //LANG_RUSSIAN
    if (nStringID == 0)
      return "Строка \"" + WScript.Arguments(0) + "\" не найдена.";
    if (nStringID == 0)
      return "String \"" + WScript.Arguments(0) + "\" didn't found.";
  return "";

2. ContextMenu plugin:

a. Call ContextMenu::Main.
b. Choose instead "ContextMenu:Show menu" - "Main menu".
c. Press "Enable".
d. Modify menu:
"&Shortcuts" Index(-1)
  -"Chocobo Farm" Call("Scripts::Main", 1, "SearchArg.js", "Fw00A", 0)
  -"Weapons List" Call("Scripts::Main", 1, "SearchArg.js", "Fw042", 0)
  -"Configure" Call("ContextMenu::Main", 1, 1)

e. Press "OK".

3. Now you can choose "Shortcuts -> Weapons List" in main menu to find "Fw042".
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Joined: 29 Nov 2006
Posts: 3076
Location: Киев, Русь

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 11:29 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

As I have understood, the guest wants that was functional allowing to add in the menu the reference to the found text automatically, i.e. on certain command. It would be valid interestingly!

But, IMHO, it is better to expand functional a LineBoard plug-in, i.e. that it would be possible to keep a set of tabs of a file (it is admissible in a separate file with special extantion) and also to have the interface (dialogue of names of tabs) for jump to the necessary tab.

Как я понял, Гость хочет чтобы был функционал позволяющий добавлять в меню ссылку на найденный текст автоматически, т.е. по определённой команде. Это действительно было бы интересно!

Но, IMHO, лучше расширить функционал LineBoard плагина, т.е. чтобы можно было бы сохранять набор вкладок файла (допустим в отдельный файл со спец. расширением), а также иметь интерфейс (диалог имён вкладок) для перехода к нужной вкладке.
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